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Monday, December 31, 2012

An update and a reflect on the the past year.

Last Saturday, I volunteered at Kids Against Hunger in Nisswa with the Miss Brainerd Lakes' Outstanding Teen and Miss Central Lakes' Outstanding Teen contestants. This is a not-for-profit, meal packaging place that sends bags of food to people all over the world who are struggling with hunger. It is composed of white rice, soy, dehydrated vegetables, and fortified nutrients. Each bag of food holds six meals. The food that we packaged that day will be sent to Haiti... We packaged over 5,400 meals!! It feels awesome to know that we helped that many people fill their stomachs and get the nutrients they need for the day.

That same day, I traveled in Lakeville for a private send-off for Miss Minnesota, Siri Freeh. It was a fun event, but it was even more fun seeing people I haven't seen in a while. There were many great laughs that night :) Siri leaves in two days for Vegas. Wish her luck as she starts the grueling week of Miss America!

Since this is the last day of 2012, I thought I'd reflect back on how awesome this year was. I think that it's fair to say that this year has been the greatest year of my life. Three major goals of mine were accomplish as well as many other goals.

In 2012, I was crowned Miss Brainerd Lakes' Outstanding Teen, fulfilling a dream of mine to represent a city a grew up in and grew to love. I have just five days until the next Miss Brainerd Lakes' Outstanding Teen is crowned and it is bittersweet. Time really does fly.

Also in 2012, I was crowned Miss Minnesota's Outstanding Teen. There are absolutely no words to describe how incredible it was to finally have that crown placed on my head. Sometimes I just sit and think about that moment. Everyone should know that if you work your butt off and if you believe you can accomplish anything, then good things will come your way. I thank the Lord everyday that I was given this honor.

In 2012, I competed on the Miss America's Outstanding Teen stage along with 52 other girls. For years, I followed the Minnesota Outstanding Teen that year and her journey to Nationals and yearned for my time on that stage. It was finally awarded to me and I suddenly found myself in the shoes of the Outstanding Teen's before me. It was an awesome thing.

In 2012, I gained friends and I lost friends. I found myself and struggled to get a grip on why people are so mean and vicious. I realized many things, one is that life will work itself out.

My goal for 2013 is to stay true to myself and not try to change and conform to the world around me. I'm going to let go of people who are no longer worth my time and energy. I'm going to cherish every little moment I have a bit more because I'm grateful that I'm here. I am so blessed.

Much love and hopes of a happy new year to all of you,
MMOT 2012

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Busy Holiday season!

It is very clear that I have not blogged for a while! Here is an update on my life:

On Thursday the 7th, I answered phones at the Radiothon to End Child Abuse at the Westgate Mall in Brainerd. I was only able to stay for a bit but at least got to answer one phone! After twenty-four hours, the Radiothon raised over $60,000, an awesome achievement in an awesome community :)

On Friday the 8th, the Miss Brainerd Lakes and Central Lakes Outstanding Teen pageant had the big Trunk Show Fundraiser with guest speaker Don Baker at the Lodge in Brainerd. This was my local title before I won Miss Minnesota's Outstanding Teen so this local program holds a special place in my heart. It was so much fun spending time with the contestants, hearing Don Baker speak, and having quality time with my sister queens. The night was a success!

The next day was Christmas Ball at my high school. This is our big Christmas dance and is always held at Cragun's in Brainerd. It's fun to just get dressed up and see everyone else dressed up!

The Sunday after Christmas Ball was dedicated to carefully making our way to Detroit Lakes, Minnesota for my sister queen's send-off party as there was a blizzard. I also performed, and I wouldn't say it was my best performance but let's just say I tried.

Then Heather and I made our monthly appearance at Ruby's Pantry in Brainerd! I just love the people there and the Christian atmosphere.

Siri and I had a fun-filled crazy weekend a couple days ago! On Friday we were at the Southdale Mall ringing the Salvation Army bell for their Celebrity Bell Ringing Event and Saturday we were at the Minnesota Arboretum for their Making Spirits Bright Festival. It was so much being able to enjoy the day frosting cookies and reading books to the kids! Plus the Arboretum is absolutely beautiful this time of year.
They gave us chocolates after ringing the bell :) Siri and I were happy queens!
The below photos are credited to Sarah Morreim Photography

Finals week ended (thankfully) and I am not free to enjoy my break (AND MISS AMERICA!!!). I volunteered at the Sertoma Winter Wonderland in Brainerd at the Arboretum. This is an awesome display of lights but on by the Brainerd Sertoma Club! I highly recommend this for anyone wanting a fun thing to do in the winter (and you don't even have to go outside! It's a drive through light show). Yesterday, I rang the bell at Cub in Baxter for the Salvation Army with Northern Lights Princess, Andi, which is always fun! Andi adds a bit more energy to appearances :)

During this holiday season, my hope is that you enjoy time with family but also keep those in mourning in Connecticut in your prayers. Life isn't always fair sometimes but just remember that there is someone in the world that has is worse than you. Cherish the time you have with family and friends.

Much love,
Miss Minnesota's Outstanding Teen 2012

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Bell Ringing and a Pancake Breakfast

Hello everyone! Just thought I'd give a quick update on the past few weeks :)

Last Friday, I rang the Salvation Army bell with Northern Lights Princess, Andi at the Westgate Mall in Brainerd. It was so fun doing this and getting to spend some quality time with her :) Watch out world, Andi is  a future Miss America!

Saturday morning I was at the Nisswa Community Center for a pancake breakfast fundraiser for Nisswa Parks and Recreation. Santa was even there! This was an awesome event and got me even more in mood for Christmas! My favorite time of the year!

I also received pictures from myself and Siri's holiday shoot with Sarah Morreim! Hope you enjoy the new look of this blog :)

Until next time,

MMOT 2012

Monday, November 26, 2012

Nisswa City of Lights

I hope all of you had an awesome Thanksgiving! Mine was filled with family, food, and sleep :)

At midnight on Black Friday my Mom, my director, Mackenzie, and myself sat at the Westgate Mall in Brainerd selling jewelry. We sat there until 9:30 the next morning and although it wasn't as successful and we had hoped it was still fun (and very tiring)

Friday night I was in my little hometown of Nisswa at the City of Lights festival. This is Nisswa's big kickoff to Christmas :) All of the shops in downtown Nisswa turn their Christmas lights on at the same moment and Santa comes into town! This is always a fun event to be at. It was extremely cold so I didn't stay long but just being their was awesome :)

Today I traveled to Crosby High School with the Brainerd director, Cyndi and my mom to talk with some of the girls interested there. Many thanks to Brittany Tischmak for allowing us to use her classroom and for all the help she has been providing to us through all of this :)

Miss Minnesota's Outstanding Teen 2012

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Busy bee.

It was another busy past few weeks for me (and very tiring I might add) but lots of fun.

Two Mondays ago, I was in Merrifield, Minnesota speaking to the Lion's Club there about Alzheimer's and the Miss Minnesota's Outstanding Teen program. I'm trying to raise scholarship money for the next Outstanding Teen, so if you or someone you know is involved in a service organization - let me know!

Two Tuesdays ago, I was once again volunteering at Ruby's Pantry in Brainerd with Heather, Miss Brainerd Lakes and Lauren, Miss Heart of the Lakes. I've watched both of these lovely ladies be crowned Miss Brainerd and I'm happy to call them both my sister queens :) Ruby's Pantry is always fun, but when you triple the amount of crowns it's even more fun! There were many laughs while we distributed food and served in God's name.
Last Thursday, my Mom and I traveled to Crosby-Ironton School to promote the Miss Brainerd Lakes Outstanding Teen pageant. It's is SO incredible to see how many girls are interested and I'm so happy that the title has now been opened up to these more rural towns. This program is just amazing.

Friday I traveled to Mankato, Minnesota for the Southern Minnesota Toys for Tots kickoff with Miss South Central, Tiffany! This was a family event so it was fun walking around, talking with some of the kids, signing autographs, taking pictures, and thanking our Marines for what they do. Tiffany and I even got our picture taken with Santa :)

Saturday I was in Coon Rapids for the Miss Coon Rapids and the Miss Coon Rapids Outstanding Teen pageant. It was so much being around the contestants! Congrats to the new Miss Coon Rapids, Emily Kallis (who I competed with in my very first pageant!) and the new Miss Coon Rapids' Outstanding Teen, Kathryn Kueppers! I know that you two you will an awesome year because not only do you girls rock but you also have an incredible support team behind you.

The next day, Siri and I had our Christmas photo shoot with Sarah Morreim at her studio in downtown Minneapolis. Her studio is beautiful and the shoot was so much fun! I can't wait until they are released :)

Today I was in Pillager, Minnesota recruiting girls again to compete for Miss Brainerd Lake's Outstanding Teen! This time my local sister queen, Savannah Cole came with my Mom and I and once again we had a good number of girls sign up for more information. It just amazes me that this system can connect so many girls together!

My day of rest (somewhat) begins tomorrow and I am so looking forward to eating and sleeping. I love Thanksgiving food and spending time with family. Hope you all have a very blessed day and are remind of the great things in your life that you should be thankful for.

My Black Friday shift begins at midnight and will go well into the day as myself, my Mom, and my directors will be at the mall in Brainerd selling jewelry to raise money for the scholarship fund. If you are shopping in Brainerd, make sure to stop by and check out our booth :) Then it's off to Nisswa for the Lighting of the Luminaries event!

I'm thankful for all of you who are so awesome at supporting me :)
Miss Minnesota's Outstanding Teen 2012

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Some things I've learned.

Sometimes I wonder why life is the way it is. I wonder what God's purpose is for my life and why I'm here. I wonder why God has blessed me the way he has and why He stays by my side no matter what I do.

Over the past couple of years, I've come to realize that all I am is a filthy sinner. There's absolutely nothing I can do to change that. I've spent my entire life trying to be the perfect Christian when I reality there is no such thing as a perfect Christian. Each and every one of us sin. God's love is not bound by anything and He loves each of us equally. All that we must do is follow His light and try our very hardest to be servants of His word. Let go and let God.

I've learned that negative people will always try to bring you down to their level. I used to succumb to those negative people, but just within the last few months I've learned that life is so much bigger than the negativity. Positive minds produce positive lives. My life has been much sweeter since I let go of the negative people and surrounded myself with people who are there to support me.

I've learned that there are two sides to every story and that I must hear both sides before forming an opinion. It took me many years to come to terms with this and give people the benefit of the doubt. Since I have though, I've seen many new and fresh things enter my life - things that I'm incredibly grateful for.

I've learned that there is no possible way for me to please everyone, but as long as I am staying true to myself and things I stand for that doesn't matter. I'm happy with the way I live my life. I don't need anyone telling me how I should live.

I've learned to give God my problems and let Him give me the solutions. Even if that means giving up or giving in. Life is a beautiful thing, but it's even more beautiful if we turn the things we struggle with over to the only person who can wipe all of those problems away.

I've learned to love those around me, no matter how hard it may be. I will respect you until you ruin that respect, but I will always love you because you are my sibling in Christ. We met because you're either a blessing or a lesson.

I've learned to forgive people. "Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be children of God" says Matthew 5:9. My hope is that I never offend anyone by the actions that I do or the words that I say, but I know that that is unrealistic. I'm sorry if I have, but I want to be a peacemaker. Let me know what I can do if I have offended any of you and I will try my best to fix the things I have done.

My goal is to be so busy loving my life that I have no time for hate, regret, fret, or fear. This is my new motto to live by and I hope that this becomes your motto to live by as well.

Bailey Wachholz
Miss Minnesota's Outstanding Teen 2012

Friday, November 9, 2012

Miss Mankato pageant.

Last Saturday I was in Mankato for the Miss Mankato pageant and it was so much fun! I love being able to be backstage with the contestants and perform my talent, but once in a while it's nice to just sit in the audience. Since the Mankato organization did not crown an Outstanding Teen, I got to sit with all of the local titleholders in the Sparkle Section and I don't think I've laughed that hard in a while! Seriously, everything was funny!

I would like to say congrats to the new Miss Mankato, Gabrielle Chavers! Also congrats to Kiah Bennett on completing her year of service and to Shelly and the entire Miss Mankato crew for putting on such an awesome pageant! It was beautifully put on.

As I'm gearing up to crown the new Miss Brainerd Lakes' Outstanding Teen, I'm becoming increasingly busy recruiting girls to compete. I'm blown away by how many girls are interested! I know that this pageant will be an amazing one and whoever the new winner is gets to work with an even more amazing team of women!

Also, be looking for a big surprise concerning Black Friday :) Make sure to keep up to date on Facebook (Miss Minnesota's Outstanding Teen) and Twitter (@Mmot12)!


Sunday, October 28, 2012

The past week.

This past was an extra busy week but for some reason I have no appearances this weekend (I don't have any idea how that happened).

On Monday I was on WJJY's radio segment called "Community Focus" talking about the upcoming Miss Brainerd Lake's Outstanding Teen and the Miss Central Lake's Outstanding Teen pageants. Both my and I, along with incredible new director of the Brainerd pageants, Cyndi, were there talking about how amazing this program is and encouraging girls to compete. The pageant will be January 6th at 3pm at Central Lake's College so those interested :)

Tuesday I traveled to Ramsey, Minnesota, to speak about Alzheimer's at an Adult Foster Care Conference. My mom and I just shared our story and opened it up to questions so it was very laid back.

Wednesday I was in Pine River to speak to the Lion's Club about Alzheimer's and the Miss Minnesota's Outstanding Teen program. They were a fun group of people!

And finally, Thursday my Mom and I were in Detroit Lake's, Minnesota speaking to one of our favorite support groups at Oak Crossing. This support group is for people affected by Alzheimer's. They are always so warm and inviting! I love when we get the opportunity to travel there.

And to end my week, I was babysitting and I'll be carving pumpkins tonight with my boyfriend, Dylan. Happy Halloween!

Miss MN's Outstanding Teen 2012

Friday, October 26, 2012

This crown has changed my life.

I think the title of this blog can pretty much sum up what this entire blog will be about. This crown has changed my life.

Trying to explain to people how much of a difference this organization (Miss America) makes in our world today is easy - You can easily Google "Miss America" and see that this organization has provided over $45 million in scholarships to its contestants. You could find how much money contestants raise for the Children's Miracle Network. You would see that this is the largest scholarship provider for young women and is one of the longest standing traditions in American history.

But what you can't see and what you can't Google is how much of a difference this organization has made in my life. This is my best attempt to try to open my heart to all of you through the media so that you can see what is at the core of this organization.

My life changed drastically when the Miss Minnesota's Outstanding Teen crown was placed on my head, but to say that that was the only moment that changed my life is a lie. My life has been changing  since I started competing in 2009 and I have decided that instead of going on and on about every little thing that has been changed in my life I will share with you ten of the most important moments or things in my "pageant career" (if you will)

Most important moments or things:

1. When I asked Christ to be my Savior. It was one of the most emotional moments of my life and one that I will treasure forever. Asking Him to be my Savior was like releasing 15 pounds off of my shoulders and handing it over to Jesus. I never felt so light in my entire life.

2. My Father being diagnosed with Alzheimer's. Yes I know that sounds strange but as I think about that moment I realize that without this disease so close to my heart, I would not have nearly as much passion for my platform. I can't imagine having anything but Alzheimer's for my platform. I've learned to look at Alzheimer's, not as a roadblock, but instead as an obstacle to overcome.

3. Being first runner-up in Miss Minnesota's Outstanding 2011. This was quite possibly the lowest point in my life. I had felt like I hit rock bottom and if any of you know what that feels like, it is the worst feeling in the world. Yet, it was an eye-opening moment in which I realized that life is so unfair sometimes but it is in those times that you must turn to Christ for He is the rock. In the words of J.K. Rowling "Rock bottom became the solid foundation on which I rebuilt my life on". The Lord never once turned on me and was (and still is) a constant motivator in my life.

4. The moment when I realized that I may never be Miss Minnesota's Outstanding Teen. It came about a month before I actually ended up winning MMOT 2012. I was going through old emails and came across an email from "The Pageant Planet". Steve Roddy said that "you have to find peace in knowing that if you don't win the crown, you are just as successful if not more so because of your effort and the lives you have touched." You have no idea what it felt like to have this statement hit me so hard. Not only is it true, but so inspirational. I found peace in this statement as I led up to the moment that ultimately let me on the journey I am on today - being Miss Minnesota's Outstanding Teen.

5. Of course the moment I was crowned Miss Minnesota's Outstanding Teen. I was given the honor to travel this state and to grow the Outstanding Teen program but I've remembered to not take any appearance for granted. My goal has been to touch a life at every appearance and make Minnesota proud of the teenager they have representing them.

6. Meeting Stacie. For those of you that have had the opportunity to meet and work with Stacie, I know that she has touched your life as much as she has touched mine. The servant-leadership and the kindheartedness she exudes is one to look up to. I'm so thankful that Stacie has continually picked me up, even when I fell and felt that I could never stand back up.

7. Receiving 28 hand written letters from the 5th graders at Roseville Elementary School a couple years ago. It was at this moment that I realized I'm making a difference in this world. Every single student thanked me for coming in to speak to them about Alzheimer's and told me some of the things they learned. It changed me life because it finally hit me that there is incredible power behind a voice that chooses to rise above the doubt that many people throw at you. I was told many times that getting children to relate to Alzheimer's disease is close to impossible, but receiving these letters proved to the people that ever doubted me just how wrong they were for believing children wouldn't understand Alzheimer's.

8. To those that have reached out to me and have told me how much my blogs give them inspiration. It is because of you that I continue to write these blogs. To be honest I did think many people read my blog, but lately many people has stepped forward and thanked me. I'm incredibly grateful to you if you have. I feel that I was put on this Earth to not only make a difference, but also inspire others. My hope is that each blog can give just bit of inspiration to those of you who are reading this now or who have read in the past.

9. The people I have met through pageants. I was going to say the friends I have met through pageants but decided to say people because I have certainly drifted away from people I thought were my friends.  I'm grateful for both the friends I have met and the people who I've drifted away from. There's a reason each of you were placed in my life. I was on Twitter the other day (which reminds me... follow @Mmot12 on Twitter!), and read a quote that went something like this; We met for a reason. Either you are a blessing or a lesson. There have certainly been more than a couple people throughout my pageant career that fall under the "lesson" category and I wanted to take this time to say that I'm sorry but sometimes things don't always go the way we planned them to go. There is a thing called forgiveness and I hope you can accept my apology and move on. Life is too short to talk bad about me or put down the very organization that has pushed me to be a better Bailey. I may have changed since I started I competing but I'm still Bailey - I'm just a better version.

And finally that lucky number 10 goes out to those who never once doubted me and the things I wanted to accomplish. Life is so great and I'm so happy I have all you here supporting me and my journey. Special thanks goes to my Mom and Dylan for being my two best friends. Mom, you have sacrifced so much for me and have never complained about any of it. Dylan, you never fail to make me laugh when I'm having a bad day. I thank both of you for supporting me in more ways than one.

With all my love,
Miss Minnesota's Outstanding Teen 2012

Monday, October 22, 2012

Bemidji, Nisswa fashion show, and "Balance" workshop

These last couple of weeks have been absolutely crazy! It seems that I always start blogs off like that, but it is true. I'm amazed at the places this crown has taken me and how fast the year is flying by.

A couple weekends ago, I was in Bemidji for the very first Miss Northern Lakes and Miss Northern Lakes' Outstanding Teen pageant. How exciting! I'm happy to welcome Maggie Wothe, the new Miss Northern Lakes' Outstanding Teen to the MMOT Class of 2013. Maggie is a true example of hard work and dedication. Also congrats to the new Miss Northern Lakes, Kayla Brown! I know the year you two have ahead of you will be filled with many fun and exciting new adventures.

Last week, I had to opportunity to attend the Nisswa Women of Today Fashion Show and model for Lundrigan's Clothing (my summer job). It's always fun to get all dressed up and have a nice dinner... Need I say more?

This past Saturday, I was down in Maplewood, Minnesota for a "Balance" workshop. This event was organized by an incredible woman, Stacie McBride-Cox, who has been a constant support and motivator in my life. This workshop was for the young girls at her church with a focus on a healthy life style both physically and spiritually. There were many activities in which girls could exercise their bodies while keeping in mind that a healthy body is just as important as a healthy mind and spiritually  The goal was to show these girls how to "balance" the two and give glory to the Lord. I spoke a bit about nutrition and how feeding your body with healthy foods goes hand-in-hand with feeding you mind healthy things that are pleasing to the Lord. It was a fun event and I'm happy that I got to share it with dear friends: Siri (Miss MN), Tiffany (Miss South Central) and Emily (formerly Miss Frazee on her way to compete in Miss Coon Rapids).

Since I am a senior (I'm old!), these past couple of weeks have been filled with college visits, scholarship applications, senior pictures, essay writing, ACT prep, and college applications. Trying to pile all of these onto my already busy appearance and school schedule has been tough, but I've managed and I think I'm on the road to feeling a bit less stressed. I'm SO beyond excited to announce that I will be attending Bethel University next fall and I will be enrolled in their Accounting and Finance program! I am looking forward to another visit next week and for things to start falling into place with my dream college.

Hope everyone is enjoying life! :)
MMOT 2012