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Sunday, September 16, 2012

Gillette Walk

Today I headed down to St. Paul for a walk around Como Park to benefit the Children's Miracle Network and Gillette Children's Hospital. I was really excited to be at this event as I have never attended before, plus there were many queens there as well!

I have to add this because it was something that I'm really quite proud of! A man by the name of Shaun was carrying around a poloroid camera and taking multiple pictures with it. Intrigued, I started asking about the camera. I found that there is only ONE place online that he can buy the film and they are quite expensive. I thought that was interesting as I didn't even think that they made film for those types of cameras anymore. But anyway, Shaun wanted a picture with two of the queens there, so he asked me to take the picture. First of all, I had no clue how to work the thing! Second, the pressure to make sure the picture was perfect so as not to waste film was hard enough. But I'm proud to say that I took a picture with a poloroid camera for the first time :) I guess there really is a first for everything. I can check that off my bucket list now :)

The walk started about nine. The morning was turning out to be beautiful and the route was around a small lake. It was so peaceful! The changing color of the trees and the lake made this walk so incredible.

This event was for employees of Wal-Mart/Sam's Club and their families. Although it was a smaller event, we found out that they had raised just about $4,000 for Gillette! The morning was well worth getting up at 4AM for :)

Miss MN's Outstanding Teen 2012


Signing autographs for Emily!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Moorhead pageants and Ruby's Pantry

I'm so happy that I've finally found a routine in my life again. With school starting , and classes Monday/Wednesday/Friday, I've been able to keep up my appearances schedule and stay on top of my homework. I am LOVING attending Central Lakes College PSEO for my senior year! It has been by far the best choice of my high school career.

Last weekend, five people packed into my small Corolla to head to Moorhead for the Miss Moorhead and the Miss Red River Valley's Outstanding Teen pageant. Corrina Swiggum is the newly crowned Miss South Central's Outstanding Teen, she, her Mom, and her little sister rode up with my Mom and I. I was having an awesome time catching up with them, until all of sudden I realized that I had forgotten my gowns at my house... which was two hours away!! Of course we didn't have time to run back to Nisswa and grab them, so we had to make a quick stop at a bridal store in Detroit Lakes :) I ended up walking out of the store with two new dresses! I can even justify forgetting my gowns at home because these two new dresses are super cute and they were on sale (that does justify doesn't it?). I'm telling you... if you ever need a competition gown or cocktail dress, the drive to Detroit Lakes is worth it! Affairs by Brittany in the mall is an awesome stop. I got my talent gown for MAOTeen there as well so I highly recommend her :)

Once that little fiasco was behind us, I arrived in Moorhead just in time to have dinner with the contestants at Perkins. It was so great to see everyone again :)

Congrats to the new queens in the Class of 2013 - Kenzie Kovar, the new Miss Moorhead, and Hailey Jutz, the new Miss Red River Valley's Outstanding Teen! I'm so happy for both girls.

I, of course have to give a shout out to the outgoing queens who completed an awesome year of service - Alison and Libby! Hope to see the two of you onstage again soon :)

Tuesday I was finally able to make an appearance with my local sister queen - Heather Erickson, Miss Brainerd Lakes 2012. This was one of the first appearances we have been able to make with each other since Heather was crowned and I'm looking forward to more! I've missed making appearances with both of my local sister queens.

We honored 9/11 by distributing food for people at Ruby's Pantry in Brainerd. I love making this appearance because it is so much fun and the people are just so great to work with. Plus it's one of those "feel good" appearances that I love. I'm looking forward to next month!

Miss Minnesota's Outstanding Teen 2012