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Sunday, July 29, 2012

Frazee Turkey Days.

Frazee Turkey Days is always a favorite!! For four years I have attended this festival and have always wanted to be a part of it. I was beyond excited that my time finally came :)

The weekend started out with the Miss Frazee and the Miss Frazee's Outstanding Teen pageant. I was able to be with the contestants in the afternoon while they went into their interviews. I even got a little mock interview in myself!

After the contestant interviews, I was treated to dinner with Miss Frazee 2011, Katie Winter, Miss Frazee's Outstanding Teen 2011, Hailey Jutz, Miss Minnesota 2012, Siri Freeh, the 6 judges, and my parents. It was good to have a little relaxation time before the pageant began.

It's so great to be on the other side of things during a pageant... I get to be backstage and mingle with all of this girls, but I don't have to worry about competing and being judged :)!! I was honored to both perform and help crown the new queens. Congrats to the new Miss Frazee, Rebecca Bellefeuille and the new Miss Frazee's Outstanding Teen, Becca Sorlien-Riewer!

I also want to give a huge congrats to the outgoing queens, Katie and Hailey. You two are wonderful representatives for the Frazee area, and I am so proud to call you both my friends and pageant sisters. I wish you two the best of luck in whatever you decide to do, and I hope to see you back in the pageant circuit soon :)
You can't be in Frazee and NOT get a picture with the world's largest turkey :)

The two new queens, the outgoing queens, and Siri and myself

The new Frazee's Outstanding Teen, Becca!

Today, I was in the Turkey Days parade. This is a parade that I have watched two former Miss MN's Outstanding Teen be a part of, so to be in this parade and be Miss Minnesota's Outstanding Teen was great. Although it was another hot day, I enjoyed it! Thanks to Alice and Jay who where very helpful this weekend and for providing a beautiful car for me to ride in :) and the pie and ice cream after was a TREAT!
I love this idea! Hailey is the former Frazee's Outstanding Teen 2011

We loved our pumpkin pie :)

This weekend was so much fun, and was also one of the last appearance before I leave for Miss America's Outstanding Teen. It was kind of a bittersweet realization but I am incredibly excited to leave for Orlando in 11 days! :)

With love,
Miss Minnesota's Outstanding Teen 2012

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

This past weekend.

I've tried to start this blog many times, and the only thing that I can think of saying is that I love being Miss Minnesota's Outstanding Teen.

The overwhelming amount of support I have received the past couple of weeks has been incredible and has made me realize how much this title has changed me (in a great way!) in just the four shorts months since my crowning. Four years ago, I never would have imagined myself as Miss Minnesota's Outstanding Teen gearing up to leave for Miss America's Outstanding Teen. I feel blessed to part of a sisterhood.

Needless to say, after four years of wanting so badly to compete on the Miss America's Outstanding Teen stage, my dream is finally going to come true. This weekend has made that statement actually sink in and I am so excited for Orlando! I'm feeling more ready than ever.

On Friday I made the four hour trip to my Mom's hometown of Ellendale, Minnesota for their big Ellendale Days Celebration. My grandma, aunt, uncle, and cousins all live there and after I was crowned my grandma called me the next day asking if I would be in the Ellendale Days Parade. How can you say no to Grandma? :)

Ellendale is a very small town; the type where everybody knows everybody. I'm known as "Pam's Daughter" whenever I go down there, which is fine with me, but sure makes me laugh.

Although I weather was hot, I was able to ride in yet another Corvette... but blue this time :) Thanks to my family for organizing that!

On Sunday, I had my big sendoff party for MAOT. The day started out a little crazy and stressful, but God worked out all of the kinks and the night ended beautifully. I want to thank everyone that came out to wish me luck and support me in my journey to Orlando. I truly appreciate the love and support I have been given, and I am beyond ready to compete and finally get my chance to represent Minnesota at the national pageant.

When I receive the pictures from the photographer, John Wallin, I will make sure to share them with you. I will be giving you updates (trying to anyway) a lot these next two weeks just to let you know what I'm thinking and how I'm feeling leading up to my departure from Minnesota.

Hope you are having an awesome week!
Until next time,
Miss Minnesota's Outstanding Teen

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

A busy weekend, and an even busier week!

I can't believe how close the Miss America's Outstanding Teen pageant is! Only 23 days until I will be arriving in Florida and I couldn't be more excited.

This past weekend was another busy weekend. Friday I was in Detroit Lakes, Minnesota for a fun filled day! In the afternoon, I was able to meet with Melody Bober. Melody lives in Detroit Lakes and she composed part of my piano piece! I grew up playing her music, so to meet her was really great. I also got to play on her white Yamaha piano... the first time I've ever played on a white piano!

After meeting with Melody, I arrived at the Historic Holmes Theater to meet the Miss Northwest and Miss Northwest Teen contestants. I got to have dinner with the contestants and get to know them a bit before the competition started. Congrats to my former sister queen Rebecca Yeh (Miss Brainerd Lakes 2011), who is the new Miss Northwest 2012! And congrats to the very first Miss Northwest Teen, Sarah Labine! Also a congrats to the 1st runner ups- Lauren Johnson (Miss Brainerd 2009) for the Miss and Maggie Wothe for the Teen. I greatly enjoyed getting to know all of the contestants, performing my talent, and crowning the new queens.

The new Miss Northwest Teen, Sarah Labine!

All of the Teen contestants

Rebecca Yeh, Miss Northwest 2012

The new queens, the 1st runner ups, and Siri and myself!

Sunday I made my way down to Minneapolis for a Twins game with my mom, my best friend Mari, and my boyfriend Dylan. This game was a special game because this game was the Alzheimer's Association's "Night with the MN Twins". A portion of ticket sales are donated to the Alzheimer's Association at this game and those who buy their tickets through the MN-ND Alzheimer's Association get to walk out onto the field before the game and watch the players warm up. I have done this event a couple times before, but never as a queen :) I was excited to wear my crown and even got my picture taken with Twins outfielder, Ben Revere! Oh the people you get to meet when you have a crown on your head :)

Ben Revere

These past two days have been filled with relaxation and restoration as I build my health back up and get things organized before my send-off this weekend.This weekend I will be in my Mom's hometown celebration then my send-off on Sunday. Hope everyone is still coming out to Franklin Arts Center in Brainerd to support me in my journey to Miss America's Outstanding Teen! There will be beverages, food, and cupcakes :)

Today, I'm happy to say that I got my roommate! She is Miss Georgia's Outstanding Teen and I am so excited to spend the week with her while we are down in Florida :)

Much love,
Miss Minnesota's Outstanding Teen 2012

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

MAOT Contestant Lottery

Tonight was the Miss America's Outstanding Teen contestant lottery! The contestant lottery is a way to choose where you want to be in the contestant order for the pageant.

This was an online event and computer randomizes the state names so that when your state is called, you have five minutes to call in where you want to be and what your talent is.

I'm happy to say that I got into the group that I wanted! I am in the Red Group, which means I will do my interview on Monday morning, evening gown and onstage question Tuesday night, fitness wear Wednesday night, and talent Thursday night. I am also the very first contestant which means I will be the first of 53 interviews and the first one to come out each night. I'm very excited because God blessed me with exactly what I wanted.

As everything starts to fall together for Miss America's Outstanding Teen, there have been many things weighing on my mind. One of them being the negativity that has floated around. God has given us each a unique and beautiful life. Why do we carelessly complain and hold grudges when life is so short? There is always someone out there who has is worse than you so instead of living a life full of hate and anger, try living a life of appreciation and compassion.

Miss Minnesota's Outstanding Teen 2012

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Free time? What's that?

What an insane couple of weeks this has been! I always say that I have no free time. I thoroughly enjoy being so busy, especially since I am being so busy as Miss Minnesota's Outstanding Teen. I just now have a couple hours to take a deep breath and update all of you (And of course clean my highly-neglected room).

The last time I updated all of you, I had just finished with my first custard eating contest at Culver's in Baxter and a day at the Battered Women's Shelter softball tournament.

I have stayed plenty busy since then! On July 28th, I had the opportunity to judge the Little Miss and Mister Fourth of July pageant in Brainerd with Miss Baxter's Outstanding Teen, Savannah Cole, and Bill Musel. These were the cutest little boys and girls! It was seriously a challenge trying to pick the winners because they all were so adorable.

Since I judged this pageant in the Westgate Mall right outside of Dairy Queen, I want to quick remind all of you that Miracle Treat Day is July 26th! When you buy a Blizzard that day, Dairy Queen will donate $1 to Children's Miracle Network (the national platform of Miss America). This gives everyone a perfect excuse to eat Dairy Queen :)

Then on Saturday the 30th, I was up bright and early to help pass out water at the Relay for Life in Baxter. I had never volunteered for this event before and I didn't realize how intense it was. Many people were wanting water because it was such a hot summer day and it was great to see people running in honor of a loved one with breast cancer or survivors walking with proud smiles on their faces.

Saturday night was the 2012 Miss Brainerd Lakes and Miss Baxter pageant at Tornstrom Auditorium. I was looking forward to this event to see who the two new queens would be and who would be my new sister queens. For those who don't know, I was Miss Brainerd Lake's Outstanding Teen before I was crowned Miss Minnesota's Outstanding Teen. Seeing everyone for the first time since Miss Minnesota week was a ton of fun! Thanks to my former sister queens Rebecca Yeh, Miss Brainerd Lakes 2011, and Haley Van Steenwyk, Miss Baxter 2011 for an awesome year and congrats to the new queens Heather Erickson, Miss Brainerd Lakes 2012, and Maren Goff, Miss Baxter 2012! I look forward to seeing what you two will do with your year and the things that will come with it.

The next day I was up and at em'. to head to Bemidji for their Fourth of July parade! I was asked by Mia, Miss Grand Cities Outstanding Teen and her Mom to be in the parade with her. I brought Molly West (Central Lake's Outstanding Teen) and Corrina Swiggum (Scott County's Outstanding Teen) with me to be in the parade. It was nice to catch up with them and hear how life after Miss Minnesota's Outstanding Teen has been treating them.

The Fourth of July festivities didn't end there though! On July 3rd, I was in my hometown of Nisswa to help sell food for my church, Lutheran Church if the Cross, and be in the parade later that day. I couldn't leave Nisswa without walking around, visiting the people I work with, and eating the famous Lions Club pork-on-a-stick :)
The famous pork-on-a-stick :)

Signing autographs for a cute little girl

Working the food table for my church
Grand Marshall in the Nisswa parade

A HUGE thank you goes out to Dondelinger Auto Company for sponsoring me a car to ride in for the Nisswa and Brainerd/Baxter Fourth of July parades. DJ Dondelinger sponsored me a brand new 2012 white Corvette with only 28 miles on it! Also many thanks to my wonderful boyfriend Dylan for bearing the heat with me and driving me in the both of my hometown parades.

The next day was the Brainerd/Baxter Fourth of July parade. I was able to see some familiar faces and watch some spectacular fireworks. I was the Parade Marshall for the both the Nisswa and Brainerd/Baxter parades, an honor that is certainly appreciated. I never demand that my work be recognized, but I'm honored to be acknowledged.

Last Saturday I was so excited to be able to watch Molly West compete for the title of Miss Minnesota High School. I competed with Molly at Miss Brainerd Lake's/Baxter's Outstanding Teen and Miss Minnesota's Outstanding Teen and she has become a sister to me. The pageant is not affiliated with the Miss America Organization but rather with the Miss High School America Organization. The High School Organization started in 2009 and I actually competed in the very first Miss Minnesota High School pageant and placed 3rd runner up. All 50 states did not have a pageant so I was asked to take the Miss North Dakota High School title and compete at the very first national pageant! I always refer girls who want more onstage experience to this system because there is no talent or fitness wear. I'm so proud of Molly because she was crowned Miss Minnesota High School 2013! She also won the interview and fun fashion awards. Also congrats to Gianna Capuzzi, Miss Minnesota Collegiate 2013!
Molly, Miss MN High 2013

Gianna, Miss MN Collegiate 2013
On Monday I was at the Mall of America is my directors and my Mom shopping for Miss America's Outstanding Teen! I'm feeling more and more prepared everyday and now I just wish it would be here already. I leave in less that a month!! I want to remind everyone of my send-off coming up on July 22nd at Franklin Arts Center in Brainerd at 5pm. Hope to see you there!

And finally this morning I was at Ruby's Pantry with Molly West Miss Minnesota High School. It is  a food distribution organization that is not income based. You pay $15 for a "share" which gets you hundreds of dollars in groceries that are either a day old or about to expire. You get a tremendous amount of food! I love volunteering for this event because it has a deeply rooted Christian faith.

Later today I spoke to the Brainerd Rotary about the Miss America's Outstanding Teen Organization and the Children's Miracle Network. I was able to raise almost $100 in just that short amount of time that I was there. The Rotarian's were very giving and generous and I'm thankful to them for letting me come in and speak.

With love,
Miss Minnesota's Outstanding Teen 2012