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Sunday, April 14, 2013

A new Miss Minnesota's Outstanding Teen!

First of all, I wanted to again thank all of you for all of your love and support this past year. I don't think that I would have been able to enjoy the year as much had I not had such an awesome support group behind me. I had some of the BEST cheerleaders and I don't think I'll even be able to repay any of you. It truly meant the world to me.

Congrats to our NEW Miss Minnesota's Outstanding Teen, Corrina Swiggum! I am so proud of her for all of her hard work the past three years. This was Corrina's third time competing and is another example of how persistence and patience pays off. I can't wait to see what her year holds, and I will be with her every step of the way! Love this lady :)

I said in my farewell that I closed another chapter but my book was no where near complete. Please follow me in my next adventures

Much love,
Bailey Wachholz
Miss Minnesota's Outstanding Teen 2012

Monday, April 1, 2013

My last week as Miss Minnesota's Outstanding Teen 2012

I can't believe this is my last week as Miss Minnesota's Outstanding Teen. Titleholders always say that the year goes by so fast and I never truly believed them until now. I don't have an idea where this year went.

The last two weeks have been filled with school and appearances. A couple of Saturdays ago, I volunteered at the Nisswa Elementary School Fools Auction that raises funds for Nisswa Elementary School's art program. I'm a proud Nisswa Elementary alum so it was great to be able to volunteer at this event. Last year, the nigh that I was crowned MMOT 2012 was the same night as this auction. The emcee, Tess, is a good friend of ours and when she heard the news that I had won she announced it at the event. It was great to be there because most of them remembered being there last year and hearing that I had won.

The day after was Serena and Lizzy's sendoff party to MMOT 2013. I was asked to be the emcee for the event! One year ago, I was in the same shoes as they are... it's so weird to think about that!

Last Wednesday, I had a fun day at the water park in Brainerd with Heather (Miss Brainerd Lakes), Lizzy (Central Lakes OT), Serena (Brainerd Lakes OT), and the Miss Brainerd Lakes princesses. The princess program is probably one of the best things that has happened to the Miss America program because young girls, like the Miss Brainerd Lakes princesses, are being introduced to this incredible program at a young age. These princesses are learning what the four points of the Miss America crown really mean... I wish there would have been a princess program when I was younger!

Last Saturday, I once again packaged food at Kids Against Hunger in Nisswa but this time I was with the Miss Nisswa royalty. We packaged over 3,000 meals for children in Haiti! What's great is that this food is served at schools in Haiti, so not only does this food feed children but also encourages them to attend school. School enrollment in Haiti has actually gone UP since organizations like Kids Against Hunger have stepped up to fight hunger.

And today I made my last appearance... I spoke to the Brainerd Kiwanis Club about the MMOT program, Alzheimer's, and about the MMOT scholarship fund. I feel very blessed that organizations like the Kiwanis Club allow me to come in and speak to them. Thank you to those clubs that have donated to the MMOT scholarship fund!

With love,
Bailey Wachholz

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Miss Wheelchair MN and Ruby's Pantry

Last Saturday, Siri and I crowned a new Miss Wheelchair Minnesota. I was so honored to be a part of the night because it truly was an inspirational night. There were five contestants who all where so deserving of the crown! But a special congrats to the 2013 Miss Wheelchair Minnesota, Carissa! She will travel to Texas to compete at Miss Wheelchair America and I'm wishing her all the best.

Yesterday, I volunteered at Ruby's Pantry. Ruby's Pantry is a Christian-centered food distribution organization. I've been volunteering here monthly for about a year and yesterday was my last month there as Miss Minnesota's Outstanding Teen. But this month was a lot of fun because Molly (Miss MN High School) and her sister Muriel, Catie (Miss City of Lakes Outstanding Teen), and Maren (Miss Baxter, and my lovely boyfriend Dylan all volunteered as well.

It's crazy for me to even think that I have only three weeks left as Miss Minnesota's Outstanding Teen. I've already begun writing my farewell. It's surreal... the year went by SO incredibly fast! I know that a lot of titleholders say that, but when you work so hard for something for four years and finally achieve what you've been working hard to accomplish, it's over in an instant. As I look back on my year, it certainly wasn't the easiest year as I was extremely busy and sometimes overloaded, but I regret nothing of what happened the past year. Everything happens for a reason and I'm so thankful that it took me four years to win the Miss Minnesota's Outstanding Teen crown because it makes my year that much more special. My hope as I finish my final few weeks is that I can inspire more young women to compete in this system and  to encourage those who have competed several times to keep competing because hard work and determination will eventually pay off.

God's plan for each of our lives is so unique and couldn't be more perfect. This past year I've really learned to trust that he is leading me down the right road, even if it's the one less traveled. I'm so lucky to be able to share His love through this crown and I hope the next Miss Minnesota's Outstanding Teen can do the same.

But until next time,
Miss Minnesota's Outstanding Teen 2012

Monday, March 4, 2013

Two weeks in the life of MMOT

On Saturday, February 23rd, was contestant orientation for Miss Minnesota's Outstanding Teen 2013. I was a bittersweet day because it had finally hit me that I have just a few short weeks until I crown the next Miss Minnesota's Outstanding Teen. This year has been incredible and another young lady deserves this honor. I'm extremely excited for the 15 contestants this year as they are a fantastic group of girls! It has been so great getting to know them.

That Monday after contestant orientation, I spoke to the Nisswa Lions Club about Alzheimer's and asked them for a donation to the MMOT scholarship fund. This was fun because I have grown up in Nisswa my entire life and knew some of the Lions Club members. It was a honor to stand before them as Miss Minnesota's Outstanding Teen. They asked me a lot of questions about my year and asked me about my next steps moving forward after my reign is over.

Last Wednesday I traveled to Oakdale to visit an elementary school to help them with their Jump Rope for Heart event. Siri and Samantha, Miss Minneapolis, were also there and it was really great seeing both of them! It was fun jumping rope with the kids because they were so excited to have queens helping them! Thanks to Sarah Morreim for being there to capture the day and for the pictures below.

This past weekend was probably one of the most fun weekends I've had in a long time! I organized an MMOT contestant sleepover here in Brainerd. Seven of the fifteen contestants arrived at Kids Against Hunger in Nisswa on Saturday to kick off a very fun week! We packaged food for people in Haiti for two hours before heading into Nisswa to do a little shopping and a coffee run. Then we headed to the host hotel for some pizza and swimming! There were many laughs and this weekend made me even more excited for next month! :)

MMOT 2012

Sunday, February 17, 2013

A week in review

Last Tuesday, I was at Ruby's Pantry in Brainerd with Molly West who is Miss Minnesota High School and competed with me in the Outstanding Teen program a couple of times. We helped package and hand out food to our community. Like always, this is a fun event that I look forward to every month!

Friday was the Miss Nisswa and Little Miss Nisswa pageants. This pageant holds a special place in my heart as I have grown up in Nisswa since I was four and was a participant in the Little Miss Nisswa pageant when I was in second grade (A name was drawn out of a hat, there was no competition!). I always looked up to Miss Nisswa and wanted to be her someday. Although I will never be able to compete for Miss Nisswa, I was able to help the ladies that did for a couple months leading up to the big night. Miss Nisswa is for ladies who are a senior in high school and live in the Nisswa area or went to Nisswa Elementary. I grew up with most of the ladies that competed Friday night and some are in my graduating class. I'm very proud of the nine contestants that competed because it's not as easy as it looks. They all did beautifully and I hope to see them competing for another title in a couple months (*cough cough* Miss Brainerd!). Congrats the 2nd Princess, Elise and the 1st Princess, Nicole. Also congrats to the new Miss Nisswa, Carissa Voels and the new Little Miss Nisswa, Maddie! All four of them are going to have an awesome year and I'm looking forward to following them during their reigns.

Saturday morning was the Nisswa Jubilee Celebration in downtown! Maren (Miss Baxter), Lizzy (Miss Central Lakes' OT), Serena (Miss Brainerd Lakes' OT), and myself judged the snow sculptures on Main Street. These snow sculptures always amaze me because there is so much detail and they are made entirely on snow and painted on top for color! I was honored to be able to judge them this year. After judging was the parade. Many thanks to Wayne and Roxanne Erickson for letting us use your convertible... The only thing missing was Miss Brainerd Lakes, Heather Erickson! :)

After the parade, I headed down to St. Paul with my mom and local director, Cyndi for the Miss City of Lakes and Miss West Metro pageant. It was an exciting day because my former sister queen, Savannah (Miss Baxter's Outstanding Teen 2012) was competing... her first "Miss" pageant! Also that night two Outstanding Teen's were crowned. Congrats to Catie, Miss City of Lakes' Outstanding Teen and to Mia, Miss West Metro's Outstanding Teen! The new Miss City of Lakes just so happens to be Savannah Cole and the new Miss West Metro is Ali Vail! Congrats ladies! :) It was also really great to connect with Siri because that was the first time I had seen her since Miss America in Vegas. I'm still so proud of her and I'm so lucky to call her my sister queen :)
Local Outstanding Teen's

All of these titleholders are from the Brainerd/Baxter/Nisswa area! Plus there are still a few more!

This Saturday is Teen Contestant Orientation. Fifteen young ladies will compete for the title of Miss Minnesota's Outstanding Teen 2013! I can't believe my year is coming to a close but as I look back on my year, I regret nothing. I had some amazing experiences and it's only fair that another girl gets to experience a year like mine.

Yours truly,
MMOT 2012

Sunday, February 10, 2013

The past month.

So many exciting things have happened since my last blog! But first, I wanted to start off this blog by saying thank you. I'm entering the final month of my reign as Miss Minnesota's Outstanding Teen and feeling incredibly blessed with the year. Thank you to each and every one of you who have been apart of my year! This year was so great because of the people I was able to spend it with.

After arriving back from Vegas for Miss America, I spoke to the Baxter Lion's Club about the Miss Minnesota's Outstanding Teen program and my platform about Alzheimer's disease. I also asked for scholarship money for the next Outstanding Teen.
A couple weeks ago I visited my former elementary school, Nisswa Elementary School, for their annual Jump Rope for Heart fundraiser. I remember doing this when I was younger so it was great to be apart of it this year. Basically, the students were asked to raise money for heart disease and in turn got to jump rope during their gym class. It was so much fun! Lizzy, Miss Central Lakes' Outstanding Teen and Serena, Miss Brainerd Lakes' Outstanding Teen were there with me which is always fun. I even got to visit some old teachers of mine, some of which I hadn't seen in a few years!

That same week was the Jaycee's Ice Fishing Extravganza on Gull Lake! Maren (Miss Baxter, Serena (Miss Brainerd Lakes' OT), Lizzy (Miss Central Lakes' OT), and myself were in the Weigh In Tent for this event. This is the biggest ice fishing contests in the state so it was really fun to be there and see how dedicated these people are. Although, who wouldn't be when the first place prize was a brand new truck?! There were 50 MPH wind gusts that day so it was extremely cold. We only made it a couple hours because of how cold it was but it was still a fun day.

Serena (Miss Brainerd Lakes' OT) and I also had the opportunity to draw three winners for a trip to Maui. This was through a local radio broadcasting company in Brainerd, BL Broadcasting. Although it was a very early morning, I was happy to draw the winners. Wish I would've drawn my own name! That Maui trip sounds pretty good right about now! :)

Last Tuesday was National Pancake Day at IHOP benefiting the Children's Miracle Network. All day they were offering a free short stack of pancakes and asking for a five dollar donation to the Children's Miracle Network. I was at the Waite Park IHOP with Miss Heart of the Lakes, Lauren Johnson. I am so happy that the Miss America Organization has chosen the Children's Miracle Network as it's national platform because it is such an awesome organization that helps so many children.

The business didn't stop there as Friday night I headed down to Waseca for the Sleigh and Cutter dinner and dance! This was one of the most fun appearances I have attended because I was able to meet some really great people! Plus I love town celebrations because there is always such a strong bond between the people. I joined Anna (Miss Waseca County Sleigh and Cutter's Outstanding Teen), Drew (Miss Waseca County Sleigh and Cutter) and Tiffany (Miss South Cenral) for a night of good food and dancing. It was so great to see these ladies and the Waseca/South Central directors again! But I would have to say the highlight of the night was meeting eight year old, Eustice. Eustice asked me to dance with him, and not being much of a dancer I hesitantly agreed to dance with him. That one song turned into many! He was such a gentleman too as he would fill my water for me. And he didn't forget to show me his belt buckle :) It was so much fun!

The next morning was the Sleigh and Cutter parade. Anna, Drew, Tiffany, and I helped with parade registration and who of all people did I see? Eustice! He was antsy to show me his horses and even asked me if I was coming back this summer.

I was able to right in a horse and buggy for the parade, something I have never done for a parade! It was a little cold and windy but I managed to make it through. Plus my driver was really nice, which made the parade that much more fun! Thank you to the Waseca/South Central directors for having me. It was SO much fun! :) You ladies are great.

Until next time,
MMOT 2012

Friday, January 18, 2013

So many exciting things!

Since it was last year since I have last blogged, there are many things to update all of you on!

On January 6th, I gave up my local title as Miss Brainerd Lakes' Outstanding Teen and crowned two new girls. It was a bitter sweet day but I'm so incredibly proud of the nine girls that competed that night. Each of those girls are so talented! It was an awesome and fun day that ended with two new titleholders... Congrats to the new Miss Brainerd Lakes' Outstanding Teen, Serena, and the new Miss Central Lakes' Outstanding Teen, Lizzy! I know that these ladies will represent the Brainerd community with grace and respect and will do awesome in April competing at Miss Minnesota's Outstanding Teen. I've so much fun with them already and I can't wait to follow them in their year.

The day after giving up my local title, I flew to Las Vegas for Miss America! This was the first time I had ever been to Vegas and the first time ever being to Miss America so it was quite the experience. Siri, our Miss Minnesota was stunning and her performance was flawless. She didn't walk away as the new Miss America but I'm happy to have her as my sister queen still for the next two and a half months :) We ALL should be so proud of her. Love you, Siri! Thanks for being an awesome sister queen.

This was also a fun week because I got to see my MAOTeen sisters from around the nation! I haven't seen these ladies since August down in Florida when we competed so there where many happy reunions. I'm happy I was able to see my girls again - Kansas, Delaware, and Illinois! Stevie, Morgan, Grace, and myself became good friends while in Orlando competing and it was so great to be reuniting with them once again.

I also had the opportunity to perform on the Miss America stage with my MAOTeen sisters as we performed our fitness wear production number on Wednesdays prelim. Words are not enough to describe the feeling of being on that stage!! All I could think of was the fact that I was standing on the stage that Kirsten Haglund, Katie Stam, Caressa Cameron, Teresa Scanlan, Laura Kaeppeler, and now Mallory Hagan were crowned on. It was so much fun and I soaked every minute of it in.
I'm on the left side :)

On Friday of that week, myself and the rest of the MAOTeen titleholders had a little outing. We first visited the famous Las Vegas sign, then headed to White House-Black Market for some shopping, then to St. Rose CMN Hospital, and finally to the Smith Performing Arts Center for a tour. That night I had dinner with Stevie, Miss Kansas' OT, at the Sugar Factory (which I highly recommend!).

Although the week was fun, I've finally had some time to decompress and get back into the swing of life. I flew back to Minnesota last Sunday and had my first day of school Monday so I've been a very busy girl!

Here's to the final few months of my reign,
MMOT 2012

Here are candids from Vegas: