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Monday, April 30, 2012

Busy, busy week!

As exhausted as I am, this past week was so much fun! Tuesday, I spoke to the Forestview Middle School Student Council in Baxter about winning the title of Miss Minnesota's Outstanding Teen and what I will be doing with my platform this next year. Back in November they helped me with my fundraising for the Walk to End Alzheimer's by selling things that were purple (like bracelets, earrings, candy). They helped me raise over 300 dollars! I got an email from the coordinator congratulating me and I asked her if I could come back to see everyone. They all loved having me there! I handed out business cards and signed autographs for them. I even got a few girls that are interested in competing for Miss Brainerd Lake's/Baxter's Outstanding Teen pageant!

 Thursday, my Mom and I headed to Detroit Lakes to speak to an Alzheimer's support group at Oak Crossing assisted living. I was touched at how excited these women were to have me come! My mom had presented to them a few months before and they begged her to bring me with next time. They loved hearing me play my piano piece that I played when I won Miss Minnesota's Outstanding Teen and they asked me to share my story. As I was telling them everything that has happened in the past 4 years I realize how much God has truly shaped me into the person I want to be. This crazy thing that I get to call my life hasn't always been easy. Many times I felt like giving up; on myself, on my family, on pageants, even on my faith. But as I look back now I see how every one of those hardships happened for a reason and God's timing is so incredible I just want to scream! :)

Friday was the official "Royal Slumber Party" for the Miss Brainerd Lake's/Baxter contestants. There's never a dull moment when you have a room full of pageant girls, food, and the movie Drop Dead Gorgeous :) I had so much fun, and I'm so excited for these girls to experience what I have gotten to experience through competing. There will be 14 girls running for the title of Miss Brainerd :Lake's and Miss Baxter on June 30th at Tornstrom Auditorium... Make sure to come and watch these beautiful ladies compete and see who the 2 new titleholders will be!

Saturday was also jam packed fun because it was my junior prom! My boyfriend and I went out for an early dinner at Bar Harbor, a local restaurant that has really good food. After our dinner we headed into town to take some pictures at a park in Brainerd. I was freezing cold, but a picture is worth freezing yourself to the core, right pageant girls? At 7pm we had Grand March in the gym at my high school which is always fun because you get to show off your pretty dress and updo :)

And to finish my weekend, yesterday I had my first official photo shoot with Sarah Morreim Photography! As long as it was, and as tired as I was from prom the night before, I had a lot of fun! I'm really excited to share them with you as I get them, but I do want to give you a little sneak peak :) Stay tuned for more of those pictures!

Miss Minnesota's Outstanding Teen 2012
Some of the Student Council at Forestview

Signing autographs

Oak Crossing Alzheimer's support group

Royal Slumber Party with my sister queens :)

Dylan and I at prom

Grand March
Sarah Morreim Photography

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