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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Taking a step on the road to Miss America's Outstanding Teen!

Today, I was working with the Miss Brainerd Lake's/Baxter contestants at the high school with my sister queens, Molly and Savannah. It was great to spend time with them!!
As I was watching these girls walk and mock interview, I kept thinking about how absolutely incredible the Miss America Organization is. When I was giving up my Miss North Metro Outstanding Teen title, I said in my farewell speech that the girls I compete with are my sisters first, and my competitors second. My feeling is that the pageant is in God's hands anyway so why would I not help other contestants? I want to walk out onto the stage knowing that I did everything I could have possibly done to prepare myself, but also to help the other girls with their preparations along the way. When the pageant is over, you may not always win a crown; but if you have helped your competitors at least once on their journey, the gift you will walk away with is far greater than what any crown can give you. I'm so glad that the Brainerd contestants see that we need  to help each other.

And that, my friends, is why my love and respect for the Miss America Organization runs deep.

Today was also a major stepping point in my journey to Miss America's Outstanding Teen. I think it finally sunk in that I am Miss Minnesota's Outstanding Teen and I will be representing Minnesota at Miss America's Outstanding Teen! Today was also the first day, since a few days before MMOT, that I actually practiced my walking and mock interviewed. It feels so amazing to be back to preparing like that! Now I'm REALLY getting excited for Miss America's Outstanding Teen! (Only about 120 days until I compete again!)

Miss Minnesota's Outstanding Teen 2012

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  1. Great job Bailey!!! You are so amazing and totally deserved this!