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Monday, May 14, 2012

A week in the life of Miss Minnesota's Outstanding Teen!

I'm so blessed to be able to wear a crown that holds so much power and opens so many doors. This weekend was so much fun and packed full of event after event! 

I headed down to Minneapolis on Thursday last week to met with Lori Le Bay, an Alzheimer's advocate and creator of Alzheimer's Speaks radio to talk about what kinds of things she has found through her journey dealing with Alzheimer's. Her mother has Alzheimer's, so I can definitely relate to her and what she is going through. She talked about the program she created and wanted me on her radio show. I'm scheduled to talk on Alzheimer's Speaks radio on June 7th! I'll make sure to post it for you all to hear. 
After meeting with Lori, I visited the Alzheimer's Association in Minneapolis. It was great seeing their new building and seeing the awesome ladies that work there. I also had training to be a volunteer at their annual gala that will be this Saturday night. I'm really excited because this is the first year that I've been able to attend!
Then came one of the most fun days so far! Friday was the Governor's Fishing Opener in Waconia! I was born there and still have family that lives there so for the Governor's Fishing Opening to be right in my hometown this year was great. In the morning, I was helping the 4th graders of Bayview Elementary with all things fishing. The DNR had set up stations for them so that they could learn how to cast, tie a knot, and the right ways to stay safe. The Waconia Conservation Club was also helping out. After they had completed the sessions, the 4th graders got to go fishing off of the city park dock. All they caught were sun fish, but it was great seeing how excited they got.

Towards the middle of the day, I visited the residents of the Lighthouse senior living facility. They are currently remodeling, and I was given a tour. This building is absolutely incredible and I would highly recommend it to anyone looking for assisted living. I was also able to go to the Betty's Harbor unit of the facility and sign autographs for everyone.

No down time for this girl that day... after the Lighthouse I grabbed a bite to eat and headed back to the city park where all of the real action was taking place. I helped with some of the kid's crafts, and walked around for a bit. I was amazed at how many people showed up! When Governor Mark Dayton arrived, that's when you truly saw how many people came.

I can now say that I've filleted a fish! Also that Friday, I was in a fish filleting contest with a local surgeon, Todd Elftmann, and a MN Viking, Phil Loadholt! I'm sad to say my team didn't win, but I did walk away with a brand new Rapala filleting knife :) 

Letroy Guion and Phil Loadholt of the MN Vikings
Funny story: I was talking with a DNR officer about how nervous I was to fillet and he (in a joking manner) asked if I wanted to switch places with him so that he would be filleting the fish instead of myself. I said sure, thinking that sounded good to me. So a few minutes before the competition started, Roland gave me his DNR vest and hat and I crowned him with my crown and sash! It was too funny!! He started filleting the fish, but wanting to get in on the action, I asked him for the knife and I started filleting the rest of the fish! Needless to say my hands smelled like fish for a while, but I didn't chicken out!

Saturday morning I was up and out to Coon Rapids for their Bean Bag Toss Fundraiser! It was a great event and it was good to see some familiar pageant faces, some I hadn't seen in a while. I even got sun burnt, which means summer if officially here!

After the fundraiser I worked on national paperwork for a while, and is crazy to think that I'm actually competing at Miss America's Outstanding Teen! Orlando here I come! :)

Sunday morning was another early morning to head to the Mall of America for the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure breast cancer walk. I was amazed at how big of an event this was! I hear that it is one of the largest in the country. Thousands of people gathered under one roof for a common cause, and I was honored to be apart of it.

Today I was with my Brainerd/Baxter sisters promoting the upcoming Cake-Off at the Westgate Mall! More details later, but if are interested in coming tickets are $4 for unlimited cake. Come if you are able this Saturday!

All the best,
Miss Minnesota's Outstanding Teen 2012

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