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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Day 2 and Day 3 of MAOTeen week!

Since I totally forgot to post a journal from my week at MAOTeen yesterday, I will post two today and hopefully some tonight.

Day 2 of MAOTeen:

"It was another bright and early day... this one starting at 5AM to get ready for breakfast at 6:20AM!

Our day of rehearsal started at 7:30AM with Pam, John, and Pam's team of dancers. In the four and half hours before lunch, we rehearsed the opening number and the fitness wear group production. We also learned all of the formations, so it was good to actually do it all the way through and be able to envision what we look like onstage.

Lunch was just a few doors down. The hour break we had flew by and before I knew it all 53 of us were back in rehearsal.

After lunch we practiced the individual evening gown and fitness wear competitions as well as the final evening gown parade. We were just practicing on the carpeted hotel ballroom floor at the Rosen Centre, but soon we will move into the Linda Chapin Theater at the Orange County Convention Center to really practice how we will look and feel on the actual stage.

Practice ended at 5pm that night and I was happy that I got to sit down and practice my piano before five, so I feel ready for Thursday night when I perform my talent and hopefully Saturday night as well :)

After out eight and a half hour rehearsal, we were escorted to our hotel rooms to get ready for dinner at Planet Hollywood.

We all transported in a big bus over to Downtown Disney and had our pictures taken in front of Planet Hollywood. I felt like a celebrity because not only did we have the official photographer and video crew following us, but also parents and random people. It's so nice to feel like a celebrity once in a while, but I'm glad that only lasted for a little while :)

Dinner was delicious and Planet Hollywood treated us with ice cream sandwiches for desert.

Although the night got long, I was excited to crawl into bed at a decent hour (is midnight decent?). Tomorrow I have my interview at 8AM, the very first of 53. Tomorrow will be another fun day of more rehearsal and Medieval Times.

Also tomorrow we have to bring all of our competition wardrobe to rehearsal so it can be transported to the theater for show time Tuesday night."

Day 3 of MAOTeen week:

"I am so excited that my interview went so well this morning. The judges were so nice and easy to talk to. I felt that that eight minute interview was the best it could have possibly been. My hard work and all those mock interviews led up to that moment and I walked away peaceful and excited as to how well my interview went. God answered my prayers this morning so I must give this glory to Him for watching over me in that interview room... I'm ready to ROCK that stage tomorrow night!

After my interview, I had more video shooting to do. I certainly wasn't expecting this much video taping!

The the shoot I was able to go up to my room, change into rehearsal clothes, and gather my competition wardrobe. Our stuff will be transported over to the theater later today.

After a couple hours of rehearsal, it was then lunch time. Today we had really spicy Mexican food... my favorite!! For desert we had some of the best chocolate cake I've ever had. Needless to say, I had one happy belly after that lunch!

And again, we had more rehearsals after lunch until 5pm in which we just cleaned up bits and pieces of the production numbers and drilled them until they were perfect. I'm glad we had this time to really focus on the choreography and the formations so I could feel perfectly prepared for the start of prelims tomorrow night. Even though my feet are sore and I'm very tired, I'm having an awesome time!

The girls are very nice and so far I haven't run into any girls that are nasty or mean. They truly are a genuine group of girls and I'm so proud to be one of the 53 girls here competing for the title of Miss America's Outstanding Teen 2013.

After out second day of long rehearsal, us girls were able to pick out some tings at the Trade Show to put on our wish list. This list will be given to our parents tomorrow, who then can choose to purchase those items for us :)

We literally had 15 minutes to change and freshen up before Medieval Times and after our time at the Trade Show. That was probably the quickest I have ever gotten ready in my entire life!

Medieval Times was very unique. Of course we boarded that big ol' bus of ours and drove over there only to have more videotaping done and pictures taken. All those cameras have seemed to become the norm :)

Once in Medieval Times, we had to find our state flags and rehearse a short walking pattern because we were going to be introduced at the start of the show.

The show was just really crazy. I didn't really know what to expect, but it ended up to be a pretty crazy and fun show. Basically, there were six knights and they competed against each other in games until one knight was standing as the champion. My group had the yellow knights and he was not very good... but that's okay!

We got our dinner right before the show started and it was a good meal however there were no utensils... you have to use your hands! This was a fun change and a different feel.

Although it was a late night, I was glad it was a fun night. I'm really starting to feel tired and worn out though and I think I have a cold coming on. It's unfortunate that this happened but I know that God is watching over me. This is just the Devil trying to tear me down and I refuse to let him control me and let this cold get the best of me and interfere with the way I perform tomorrow."


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