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Friday, August 24, 2012

Day 4, 5, and 6 of MAOTeen week!

Day 4 of MAOTeen week:

"Well today was the start of prelims... not sure how I'm feeling at this moment. I'm excited to get on with the preliminary competition but sad at the realization that the week is half over and my dream is almost complete. My life has been so blessed so far.

This morning was a little later of a morning, but still early. Breakfast was at 6:30AM and my day started at 5AM.

This day was ten times less crazy than yesterday. We just had rehearsals from 8-12, then at noon we headed over to the Orange County Convention Center and the Linda Chapin Theater. It's right across the street from our hotel, so it's an easy walk but a long walk.

We had lunch right away at the Convention Center then headed back to the auditorium to start rehearsals.

Rehearsals were very intense. I think everyone was a little stressed because it was the first night of prelims, but before I knew it we were eating dinner and getting ready for the show.

The show went smoothly and was very relaxed. I only did evening gown and onstage question so it was a very easy night for me.

I felt that my performance tonight was the best that it could have been. Although I didn't walk away with the preliminary evening gown award, I'm still very proud of my performance and I wouldn't change a thing.

So as I end the day, I'm grateful for the good things the Lord has provided for me this week and I'm so ready for the day ahead of me tomorrow. I'm excited to do fitness wear tomorrow :)"

Day 5 of MAOTeen week:

"I woke up this morning feeling very refreshed and ready to have fun competing in fitness wear.

Breakfast was at 7:30AM and rehearsals were at 8. Rehearsals were very low key (seems like that's how things have been lately...). The Princesses checked-in today, so for probably half of the rehearsal, the Princesses practiced their routine. That was really nice because I was able to sleep and gather my thoughts. Yesterday was a very difficult day because I was physically and emotionally drained, but today I'm feeling so much better about everything. I have a new found energy and excitement and I'm not feeling so drained anymore.

Once rehearsals ended we followed protocol and walked over to the Convention Center to have lunch before rehearsals started at 2PM.

Rehearsals went by surprisingly fast and everyone scarfed down dinner so we could have a little extra time to get ready.

My fitness wear went really well. My thoughts going into it were to simply have fun and show my personality. I feel that I completely reached those two goals and again, I don't regret anything about my performance. I danced how Bailey would dance, not how Miss America's Outstanding Teen would dance. My personality showed through and I felt so confident on that stage.

When we got back to the hotel after prelims there were SO many gifts waiting for us! Including cupcakes! It is Miss New Hampshire's and Miss Arkansas' birthday today, to Arkansas brought us all cupcakes and tomorrow we will celebrate New Hampshire's birthday with cupcakes as well.

Our security team, Rodney and Lewis, gave us a little surprise and brought a former Miss America, Erica Dunlap to give us a little pep talk before we head into our last preliminary night tomorrow.

And one last surprise for the day... breakfast isn't until 9AM tomorrow and rehearsal is cancelled!! I'm so excited to get more than 5 hours of sleep tonight."

Day 6 of MAOTeen week:

"It's crazy to me that this is the last day of the preliminary competition. This week is flying by!

I figured I'd separate this into two pieces because I have some free time right now before the competition and I will write after the competition as well.

I just got done with my talent run through and I was pleasantly surprised at how well it went. The last time I was on a piano was last Sunday, and that piano was not very good so I was a little worried about how it would go. My first run through I only had maybe five mistakes and my second run through I only had one so if tonight's performance goes as well as my second run through I will be pleased as punch :)

As I'm waiting for the rest of talent run throughs to wrap up, I'm feeling so good about tonight and I'm ready to get on that stage and perform. I've worked hard on this piece and all of that hard work is coming to a fruition.

When I woke up this morning, I was feeling so refreshed from getting almost eight hours of sleep. It felt amazing to wake-up at 8:30AM instead of 5AM!
As I'm laying in bed think about how the night went, I have many emotions running through me. My hope is to try and gather them together to write them down.

I was feeling so ready to perform my talent tonight. My rehearsal went great, I was feeling great, and I was feeling unstoppable.

My piano playing felt incredible! I get so lost in the music and I got through the piece with minor mistakes. I literally played my first cord and realized that this may be the last time I perform this piece for the judges sitting before me. I am not guaranteed a spot on Saturday night, but I hope that my performance was enough. It was a hard realization, but I opened myself up and let myself be vulnerable. I tried to let every emotion I was feeling at that moment be portrayed through my eyes. I prayed that I could accomplish that goal, and I feel that the Lord did His work because I felt amazing. I would change nothing about my competition the past three days. I did the best I could and I hope that Minnesota is as proud of me as I am honored to be here.

I didn't walk away with a preliminary talent award, and to be honest I was a little disappointed. I wish I could have come back to Minnesota to show off my prelim award but I know that preliminary awards don't always win a pageant. I'm going to enjoy tomorrow and soak in one of the last days I have with 52 amazing, awesome, inspirational, talented, beautiful, poised, and gracious girls from across the country,

So it's all in the judges hands now. There is nothing I can do but wait until Saturday when Top Twelve is announced.

Even if I don't away as Miss America's Outstanding Teen 2013, I know in my heart that God's plan is so incredibly perfect and there's nothing I can do but go with it because it's not changing. His plan is already set in stone. I'm trusting Him to help build me up these final two days. I'm really looking forward to a whole day of relaxation and rest."

Love always,

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