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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Yep! This is one of those rants..

As I'm sitting here watching the Presidential Debate, it hit me that 1) I have yet to update all of you regarding the Walk to End Alzheimer's... Be looking for that soon! 2) I can usually feel when I just need to write and this thing your about to read is an accumulation of the words I've been trying to muster together for the past few weeks that have finally come to me.

So here it goes:

Life is wayyy to short, people. Instead of wasting your time putting other people down and holding grudges toward people that did nothing wrong, put your time towards something that will change the world - volunteer at a food shelf, donate money to a cause, read to the first graders at your local elementary school. Do something worthwhile instead of spending your days unhappy and angry at the world.

Don't blame others for your problems. Life doesn't own you a single thing. Reflect on what you can do to be the best person you can be and everything will fall into place. God works in miracles.

Let go of the things you can't change. By clinging to them, it only creates baggage in your life that weighs you down. Life is all about change and until you start accepting that fact, you will NEVER be able to accept yourself for the person God created you to be.

Tomorrow is a new day. Today may have kicked you in the butt and you may have fell to the ground but you have to pull yourself up and fight for a new day. The sun will always rise. Just remember that there are greater days ahead of you. If you are reading this, know that I believe in you :)

People break promises and they don't always hold true to their words but life goes on. Sure, in the moment it may seem like the worst possible thing, but like I said above - the sun will always rise and there will be another day. Accept it and move on and hope that it doesn't happen to the person sitting next to you.

Just because someone says something, doesn't mean it's true. There are two sides to every story. Try hearing both sides of the story before you make a decision. Be ashamed if your that person that chooses to believe one side of a story and let that story influence how you treat others.  (I promise that made perfect sense in my head!)

Cheers to your future. The past is gone and will never be back.

You CAN change a life - believe you can and you will. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to complement the shy girl in the hallway at school or thank a man or woman in uniform for their service to our country.

One thing that I've learned in the past seven months of my reign is that being strong is more important than being skinny. Aim for a life of purity and learn to love your curves!

My favorite quote - "You just have to live your life not caring what people think and shake off the drama. Prove to them that you are better than that" - needs no explanation.

Blessings only come to those who notice. Try looking at everything as a gift and take nothing for granted.

Girls - don't even think about comparing yourself to others. It will only make you unhappy. We will never be as perfect as the girls on the cover of the magazines we see plastered everywhere.

There is a plan for your life and it is far greater than any plan you can ever imagine. Trust that you are being led down the yellow brick road that leads to an emerald castle - why, it takes you home doesn't it?

What's meant to be will always find a way. Don't ever give up! It took me four years to win the title of Miss Minnesota's Outstanding Teen. If you work really hard and are kind, good things will happen. They may take time, but I promise you they will happen.

I found this quote and it certainly has been truthful the past few months - "There comes a time in your life when you walk away from all the pointless drama and the people that create it, and surround yourself with people who make you laugh so hard that you forget the bad and focus on the good."

Life doesn't have a purpose unless you let it.

This world can't satisfy the never-ending thirst we have for Christ. When life gets too hard, get down on those knees and pray. This was the best advice I was ever given.

I hope these words find you well tonight.
MMOT 2012

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