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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

A busy weekend, and an even busier week!

I can't believe how close the Miss America's Outstanding Teen pageant is! Only 23 days until I will be arriving in Florida and I couldn't be more excited.

This past weekend was another busy weekend. Friday I was in Detroit Lakes, Minnesota for a fun filled day! In the afternoon, I was able to meet with Melody Bober. Melody lives in Detroit Lakes and she composed part of my piano piece! I grew up playing her music, so to meet her was really great. I also got to play on her white Yamaha piano... the first time I've ever played on a white piano!

After meeting with Melody, I arrived at the Historic Holmes Theater to meet the Miss Northwest and Miss Northwest Teen contestants. I got to have dinner with the contestants and get to know them a bit before the competition started. Congrats to my former sister queen Rebecca Yeh (Miss Brainerd Lakes 2011), who is the new Miss Northwest 2012! And congrats to the very first Miss Northwest Teen, Sarah Labine! Also a congrats to the 1st runner ups- Lauren Johnson (Miss Brainerd 2009) for the Miss and Maggie Wothe for the Teen. I greatly enjoyed getting to know all of the contestants, performing my talent, and crowning the new queens.

The new Miss Northwest Teen, Sarah Labine!

All of the Teen contestants

Rebecca Yeh, Miss Northwest 2012

The new queens, the 1st runner ups, and Siri and myself!

Sunday I made my way down to Minneapolis for a Twins game with my mom, my best friend Mari, and my boyfriend Dylan. This game was a special game because this game was the Alzheimer's Association's "Night with the MN Twins". A portion of ticket sales are donated to the Alzheimer's Association at this game and those who buy their tickets through the MN-ND Alzheimer's Association get to walk out onto the field before the game and watch the players warm up. I have done this event a couple times before, but never as a queen :) I was excited to wear my crown and even got my picture taken with Twins outfielder, Ben Revere! Oh the people you get to meet when you have a crown on your head :)

Ben Revere

These past two days have been filled with relaxation and restoration as I build my health back up and get things organized before my send-off this weekend.This weekend I will be in my Mom's hometown celebration then my send-off on Sunday. Hope everyone is still coming out to Franklin Arts Center in Brainerd to support me in my journey to Miss America's Outstanding Teen! There will be beverages, food, and cupcakes :)

Today, I'm happy to say that I got my roommate! She is Miss Georgia's Outstanding Teen and I am so excited to spend the week with her while we are down in Florida :)

Much love,
Miss Minnesota's Outstanding Teen 2012

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