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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

MAOT Contestant Lottery

Tonight was the Miss America's Outstanding Teen contestant lottery! The contestant lottery is a way to choose where you want to be in the contestant order for the pageant.

This was an online event and computer randomizes the state names so that when your state is called, you have five minutes to call in where you want to be and what your talent is.

I'm happy to say that I got into the group that I wanted! I am in the Red Group, which means I will do my interview on Monday morning, evening gown and onstage question Tuesday night, fitness wear Wednesday night, and talent Thursday night. I am also the very first contestant which means I will be the first of 53 interviews and the first one to come out each night. I'm very excited because God blessed me with exactly what I wanted.

As everything starts to fall together for Miss America's Outstanding Teen, there have been many things weighing on my mind. One of them being the negativity that has floated around. God has given us each a unique and beautiful life. Why do we carelessly complain and hold grudges when life is so short? There is always someone out there who has is worse than you so instead of living a life full of hate and anger, try living a life of appreciation and compassion.

Miss Minnesota's Outstanding Teen 2012

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